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Business 2,108 views May 11, 2018
Legally Blonde- A Comprehensive Guide To Law And Life

Alright, we confess – we really like Elle Woods and love Legally Blonde! We also love cheesy, kitsch Hollywood flicks and can watch these sorts of movies quite a lot of times without losing the primary delight we experience whilst viewing it for the first time.

Though you might not be a fan of this 90s cult movie like us, when you’ll keep aside those fluffy pens and the Paris Hilton dog, you will truly learn a tad bit about law and life from Ms Elle Woods.

Of course, not all of us are beautiful, blonde and rich! But, Woods did put forward certain universal truths which can be taken on board when studying law or working as a legal practitioner on the front lines. It is her persistence and fortitude in the face of hard times that we love the most - only a little more than her endearing one liners, of course!

Woods has also taught us how to pay no heed to naysayers, be yourself, work really hard to attain your dream goals and to never allow others to tell you that you aren’t smart enough.

So, in this article, we’ve enlisted a few legal and life lessons from the pink-pumped attorney herself, which we feel everyone must learn!

Once you put your mind to something, you surely can pull it off

With a bit of determination, commitment and hard work, you can achieve anything you want to. When Woods had her eyes set on Harvard Law School, she worked diligently to attain her objective, studied around the clock and missed social events to hit the nail on the head!

If you are eager to put in efforts and go the extra mile, then there’s no stopping to what you can attain.

Attorneys do require real life experience

Well, you can certainly rote-learn all the case law and legislation across the globe, but the key to being a fabulous attorney is to know how to make use of real life knowledge to assist clients and fight cases.

Elle would definitely know! As she mentioned in the court, the fundamental rule of permanent wave maintenance is you aren’t allowed to wear your hair at least for 24 hours after that. This is the piece of evidence that helped her secure a case-winning admittance in cross examination. (Yes, admittance of guilt is pretty rare in real court, but who wouldn’t like watching real witness box confessions?)

She used her real life experience to test the opposition and it worked in Elle’s favour.  So, be it an eccentric professor who taught you in high school or the things you garnered regarding food presentation via Instagram, what you know about people and life is equally important as knowing how to learn and apply law.

Because hey, who knows when that magazine you read at home might help you win your case!

Thinking out of the box really helps

Do not rehearse and imitate old arguments that you feel other judges and attorneys might like to hear. When Warner Huntington III made a class contribution regarding a legal instance during a lecture, Woods took the chance to make use of her own deductions and formed logic.

Though your thought process or argument is not perfect, you’d definitely get a huge appreciation for thinking outside the box! So, apply your critical thinking and logic just like Woods did. Always look beyond the law textbooks and you’d reap benefits in legal practice as well as in life.

Always have faith in yourself and don’t be scared to stick out a mile

What makes this profession and world a fascinating place is none of us are the same – we’ve got a different thought and work process (thank goodness for that!).  So, why on earth be like everyone else and confirm the industry stereotype?

Perhaps, this sounds a bit cliché, but do not lose yourself whilst developing legal skills and your professional career. Like Elle, if shopping, scented paper and the colour pink is just your thing, then why be ashamed of it – instead learn to embrace it!

Attending law school and becoming an attorney does not always mean you’re supposed to quell your burning wishes. Woods was shamed for her bunny dress and laughed out in her first lecture. But you know what? Instead of giving up and losing her self-confidence, Elle become all the more strong-minded to achieve her goals.

Her graduation speech, as inspiring as it is in Hollywood style, sheds light on the point that you must always believe in yourself. Do not change yourself – be the best version of “you”!

So, whether you’re a burgeoning law student or an already established attorney who is busy helping clients with the all important Will writing process, do take a leaf out of Woods’ glossy, pink book! You’ll definitely achieve your goals and turn your dreams into reality if you try.

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