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Shopping 318 views Dec 07, 2017
How To Save on Christmas Shopping

It doesn’t have to be the most expensive time of the year.

The countdown to Christmas has begun. That means Christmas adverts and festive parties, school events and gifting giving – and lots of bills to pay at the end of it. If you dread the Christmas season, even just a little, because of the high cost that it generates then make this year different. Try to avoid over-spending so you won't have to rely on bad credit loans in the New Year or short term lending such as no credit check loans. There are ways you can save on Christmas shopping to help keep your costs down.

Make a list, check it twice

The more organised you are about Christmas spending the less likely it is to get out of control. Before Christmas buying fever hits make a list of what you’re going to buy this season. Include everything, from food to gifts, on your list and allocate a budget amount to each one. Calculate what you can afford and then make sure you stick to what you’ve decided to spend.

Start your Christmas shopping early

There are many items that you’ll be able to buy at lower prices if you give yourself the opportunity to shop around for them. Starting your Christmas shopping in November is always a good idea, as you’ll be able to take advantage of Black Friday (24th November) and Cyber Monday (27th November). These two days could significantly help to reduce your Christmas spend as a wide range of items, from electronics to furniture, will all be sold at huge discounts, both on and offline.

Choose how you spend wisely

Cash is always the simplest and cheapest way to do your Christmas shopping, as there are no repayments to worry about and no interest to pay. However, if cash isn’t an option then look for a 0% credit card that will enable you to repay what you spend without incurring interest. Look at whether it might be worth using a cashback credit card – so that you can get cash back on all your Christmas purchases – and use your loyalty cards when you can so that every purchase generates a future benefit.

Sell before you buy

This is the ideal time of year to have a car boot sale or put those shoes on eBay. Everyone is starting to look for gifts and party outfits and they don’t necessarily have to be new. You could make some cash from selling old items to help reduce your Christmas spend this year. 

Check your shipping and delivery costs

If you’re buying online then remember that the later you leave it, the higher the costs will be. There are many sites that offer a year’s worth of next day shipping for one low set fee (e.g. Amazon and ASOS) and if you’re likely to buy multiple items from these retailers that one off payment could help you to save big on Christmas delivery costs. If you’re sending gifts then give yourself enough time to use the cheapest options – Royal Mail remains the lowest cost choice for Christmas deliveries, wherever you’re sending them in the world.