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Family & Home 385 views Apr 20, 2017
Thing to know before filing a case against Florida Child Custod

Child custody is a hard decision for every parent and if not taken seriously can lead you to lose in the custody of your child. There are so many factors described below that will help you in this,

1. Is there any sign of domestic violence a partner or a child faced?
2. What kind of material needs a child carries and who will be going to full fill that?
3. Another important factor is the metal and physical health of both the parents and child as well is also taken under consideration.
4. How well can the child be able to adjust with his surrounding that consists of home, school and also community?
5. Age of the child.
6. Time frame of a child has lived in a stable home and the need for stability.
7. Willingness is also very important to maintain a positive and healthy relationship with other parent and child.
8. The relationship of a child with his siblings and other member of the household is also very important.
9. Is there any emotional abuse directed at the child
 by any parent.

To get more factors related to child custody contact our experts. Call on child custody Lawyers Boca Raton or can refer to the info-graphic mentioned below.