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Health 305 views Oct 27, 2016
Importance Of CPR and AED Training

When a person suffers an out-of-hospital heart attack, his survival depends greatly on receiving immediate CPR from a bystander. However, according to the studies, less than one-third of these people receive the help they need since most of the bystanders are untrained in CPR and are afraid of doing something wrong.

CPR is a life-saving technique that helps in maintaining some blood flow to the human brain and heart and can help the victim in need until the medical help arrives.

When an individual knows CPR and how to operate an AED in the event of a person going into cardiac arrest, then that individual have a chance of not only saving the victim’s life, but could also considerably reduce the risk of the victim suffering damage to his heart, brain and other vital organs since CPR helps to keep the body oxygenated until professional help arrives. If the body is kept oxygenated until the paramedics arrive, the victim is much less likely to suffer brain damage, heart damage, vital organ damage or even death.

The video titled as “Facts About CPR and AED” gives the various important facts about CPR and AED which signifies its importance. For information regarding these facts, refer the given video.

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