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Family & Home 431 views Oct 01, 2016
Importance Of Window Treatments

The most noticeable part of any room are the windows and thus a lot of care should be put into selecting the perfect window treatments.

Window treatments add an aesthetic appeal to any room, but their function and importance goes far beyond their elegant look. Window treatments have many other benefits including protection from heat, light control, increases privacy of the room, saves your money through solar heat control, day lighting and UV protection.

You can find several stores in NYC for purchasing the perfect window coverings for your room such as, blinds, drapes, curtains and others also there a lot of shades store nyc are available.

The Infographic titled as “Custom Curtains & Window Shades” explains the five historic window treatments which includes the following:

  • Interior shutters: These were the original window treatment since ancient Greece.
  • Shades: Dutch and German settlers introduced 1st roller shades to American colonies and were generally made from thick linen or cotton.
  • Lace: This has been used in interior decoration for centuries. The most popular form includes jabots & swags, full length curtains, and panels.
  • Curtains: These were typically plain and used protection from draft in early American homes.
  • Blinds: These have a rich history in interior decoration since ancient Egypt, when they were made from reeds plucked from the Nile.

For more information, refer the Infographic.