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Family & Home 401 views Oct 01, 2016
Top 4 Mistakes to Avoid during Your Kid’s Photo Shoot

You have been thinking about booking a photography session for your kids since long. You have searched both the internet and the local yellow pages to find good kids photographers in Delhi, and you have actually zeroed on one.  You spoke to her, finalized the payment part and now you are all set for the shoot. Excited? Yes, you are. However, as a parent, you must have a practical approach towards the whole process and understand a few things beforehand to avoid disappointments. How? We will tell you.


Relax: We understand that, you had to shell out quite a fortune to appoint a great photographer for your child’s photography. And you don’t want anything to come in between you and stunning photos of your kid. So, you are stressing out about everything since the morning – like your kid’s outfit is getting dirty or the always late maid is not allowing you to finish usual chores. Stop. Take a deep breath and relax. A tensed you will tense the child too, which will most definitely reflect in the photos. Instead, plan ahead to avoid last minute rush. Tell your children that they are going to have loads of fun during the shoot.


Don’t direct: Most parents have this annoying habit of giving instructions to their kids on how to pose and smile. Never do that, else you may end up with fake expressions from your kids which never look good on photographs. Moreover, you may irk your photographer too. Instead, trust your photographer and listen to what she says. You may have to make funny faces to get a genuine laugh from your toddler or may need to wear a stuffed animal on your head to grab his attention.


Don’t tame: Kids are full of energy and always need ways to release them. Hence, when you instruct your child to sit quite or ‘behave,’ you are most probably inviting trouble in the form of a bored and frustrated little demon. So, how to get the desired images of your overactive toddlers? Simple, let them be themselves. Let them run and play; even better, join them. Your photographer is experienced enough to make the most of the playfulness. Usually, the best candid images are captured when the kids are actively engaged. Need portraits? Well, have patience. Wait till your kids are tired – they won’t mind sitting quietly and giving genuine smiles.


Timing is the key: Babies and toddlers get cranky when they are sleepy or hungry. Even older kids lose patience when they are overly tired. Hence, discuss your child’s routine with your photographer in the beginning and work out a plan suitable to all. If your kid is too young, an elaborate shoot may not be a practical idea. If you choose to shoot outdoors, carry food and drinks along. Have enough disposable plates, spoons and wet tissues handy. Try to have the session early in the morning or late in the afternoon. You will save all of you from scorching mid-day Delhi sun and harsh lights – never a good idea for great photos.


We hope you will keep these tips in mind while arranging for your child photography. Don’t forget to carry umbrellas and sunblocks appropriate for your kid. You wouldn’t want your little angel’s skin to burn in the quest of extraordinary images.