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How to get free gems in clash royale


The Giant Skeleton is truly incredible to use with most Clash Royale Decks and today, I'll demonstrate to you how, when, why, and what's the ideal deck to utilize a Giant Skeleton with.


Not at all like Giants, Giant Skeletons can assault other Ground Troops yet in the meantime, has an immense measure of HP.

What improves them a considerable measure than Giants(albeit the way that he is 1 Elixir higher than Giants) is that they are conveying an enormous bomb. On the off chance that they get assaulted by MOBs, he'll drop the bomb on the off chance that he gets brought down and that bomb bargains an immense region/sprinkle harm to foe troops.

The Giant Skeleton Deck:

Monster Skeleton Witch Skeleton Army Goblin Hut

giant_skeleton.png witch.png skeleton_army.png goblin_hut.png

Musketeer Valkyrie Arrows Spear Goblins

musketeer.png valkyrie.png arrows.png spear_goblins.png

Card Roles:

Lance Goblins - Perfect for ensuring your Giant Skeleton or different troops from your foe. They can likewise be utilized to give more offense.

Bolts - Cheaper than Fireballs. Your Giant Skeleton is your principle tanker. They have a tendency to be the main center of your adversary/rival and they will utilize MOBs to thrashing him simpler and speedier. Bolts gives a more extensive territory than Fireballs so you can hit more adversary troops which is incredible against MOBs.

Valkyrie - One of your fundamental backings for the Giant Skeleton. The Valkyrie bargains gigantic territory harm and has better than average measure of HP. So make a point to put her close to your Giant Skeleton so she can shield them from MOBs.

Musketeer - She is a great deal preferable to use over Archers because of her more extended assault range. Make a point to cut her down a tad bit later than the Giant Skeleton so she can shield them from a separation without getting engaged by other foe troops.

Troll Hut - You may think they are futile however they are impeccable resistance structures for foe troops that are attempting to part push! So in the event that you see your adversary putting down their troops on the inverse side of where your troops are, cut down the Goblin Hut to get those Spear Goblins to ensure your Crown Towers.

Skeleton Army - They are immaculate to shield your base from split-pushers or to demolish Crown Towers quick.

Witch: The Witch can summon up to 3 Skeletons that can go about as a shield for your different troops.

Monster Skeleton - The Giant Skeleton is helpful for taking out Crown Towers. At the point when his bomb blasts upon the Giant Skeleton's demise, it will bargain a tremendous measure of harm to the Tower.To proceed in clash royale you need gems and to grab your free clash royale gems do everlasting strategies with some witty touch to defend your tower and win any match

Deck Strengths:

This Clash Royale deck is exceptionally forceful as in a significant number of the cards bargains substantial harm to the adversary's cards.

Gian Skeleton Deck Strategy:

Put the Giant Skeleton behind a tower. After that, sit tight a couple of all the more second for your Elixir to energize then drop down a Valkyrie close/next to your Giant Skeleton or a Musketeer. A Giant Skeleton + Valkyrie + Musketeer + Witch is your center setup. In the event that your rival doesn't utilize any cards now and (most likely) acknowledged thrashing, drop down a Skeleton Army and watch them swarm your adversaries Towers! It's a fun sight to watch.

With respect to safeguard, this is the place your Goblin Hut and Arrows sparkles! Tired of those troublesome Split-Pushers? Convey your Goblin Hut and watch your Spear Goblins protect your other Crown Towers as your Giant Skeleton and different troops are caught up with decimating your adversary base.

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