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Health 1,075 views May 05, 2016
Something that is avoidable

Fitness Cards EffectThere are only Cheap Fifa Coins six fitness cards into FIFA:Who Needs Fitness CardsWe do not recommend using players with less than fitness points. The ideal is to replace them with others when their fitness is lower than. It is therefore important to have a squad good enough to allow a rotation without much loss of quality. Our fitness guide explains very well how you should manage the fitness of your squad.However, sometimes in specific important matches, it is very useful to recover a crucial member of our team. This is made using fitness cards.


If you have a very good budget and  want to play always with the best eleven, buying fitness cards seems to us a good strategy.In general, it is a waste to buy fitness gold and silver cards to apply a player. It is very uncommon to find a player that needs an improvement of or fitness points, so you should analyse your needs before buying these cards. The bronze individual cards increase the fitness level by 10 points, not counting the possible effect of the staff stored in your club, so they are usually good enough to raise the fitness of your players to the maximum.


Generally speaking, it is better to Buy Fifa 17 Coins Xbox One apply a single squads card than doing it with three or more individual cards. It is cheaper. You will do it only if you do not mind to spend coins with fitness cards, something that is avoidable. If that is your strategy, making the recovery of players exclusively at the expense of those cards, you will have an approximate cost of coins per game.Hello everyone, Ive seen so many posts on some FIFA 16 forums, which named.


How do i defend?, How do i stop the opposing player from walking through my defence? How do I score in this game? And I cant blame you, FIFA 16 is probably the hardest FIFA to date, and it took me a while to get used to it.So I have decided to write a little guide, I made a guide for the new tactical defending when it came out and it was a very popular guide on the forums, so hopefully I can assist some of you. This guide will cover high pressure tactics or any custom settings for the game, this is all about how to play it. I couldnt give you tips on those settings even if I wanted to, because i dont use them.