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Humor 344 views May 03, 2016
Allow you to recover only one player

 However, it makes no Cheap Fifa Coins sense to apply them to other managers besides the one that goes on the bench unless you are planning to change managers according to the players you choose for each game.It is also recommended to apply the most expensive league cards when you have set your squad.


That decline in his fitness level may affect his performance in the following matches. Thats why it is so important you know how to manage the fitness of your players.The fastest but also the most expensive way of doing this is through the application of fitness cards. The only role of these cards is to add the fitness points indicated on the item to the physical condition that is printed on the player card.


However, even if the Buy Fifa 17 Coins Xbox One sum of the two values is higher than 99, the fitness is always limited by this value.There are two types of fitness cards: individual and squads cards. The first ones, allow you to recover only one player. The other ones increase the fitness of all your 23 players  starting eleven, substitutes and reserves.If a player is not injured, you can apply fitness cards as many times you wish.


In other words, you can apply a card one after the other. Its effect accumulates. If you apply a fitness card to someone that stays on the reserves or on the bench, he will continue to benefit from the effect until he plays.If you have stored fitness coaches on your club, you will get a bonus up to 50% when you apply a fitness card.Fitness Cards EffectThere are only six fitness cards into FIFA .