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Entertainment 382 views Apr 24, 2016
Keep up with us as we clear things up

However, we started fifa points account cheap receiving several help requests concerning this theme. A lot of our followers have started playing FUT this year, so this is completely understandable. Even we ourselves have been in this position six years ago when we first started playing and looking for the same answers.


We have been receiving these questions so frequently that we felt the need to look all over the internet and see if there are really that many people in the same situation and yes there are. The bad thing is that amongst all the answers given by the most experienced players of the community, there are many, many inaccuracies and contradictions.Whoever is familiar with us knows that we dont like to leave the slightest questions unanswered. That is why well be exploring everything there is to know about the FIFA 16 Ultimate Team carrying over: what youll keep from the previous game, what happens if you switch consoles, what you need to do to switch to FUT 16 and how FIFA points transaction works.


No matters if you are Fifa 17 Coins a FUT 15 regular gamer or fresh to the game, keep up with us as we clear things up. As always we will swot up your knowledge and bring you right up to date with what is going on!Whats carried over to FIFA 16 Ultimate Team?This is the most important question. Will I keep my coins and players from FUT 15 ? What can I bring to FUT 16 ? Well be as clear as we possibly can. These ARE NOT carried over to FUT.


EA will put an end to it in less than 2 years because, well, theyd just rather not keep spending money on servers few people will playing at. In their words, they do this so theyre able to enhance the users experience”. Better just go take a screenshot then, huh ?Current DivisionReaching division 1 has never been so hard as in FUT 14 and in FUT 15. If youve done it, youre probably constantly struggling not to get relegated to division 2. What if you get relegated to division 10? This is what will happen when you start FIFA 16 Ultimate Team. GO TO