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Entertainment 289 views Apr 22, 2016
New logic passes smarter tracking and tighter

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In recent days, EA has released its innovations to the most excellent game around the world which is going to get zealots to enjoy scoring exciting goals during fifa 14.By means of four brand-new features, zealots can have ways to control the match tempo. Among the four new features, teammate intelligence will be enhanced. New logic passes smarter tracking and tighter tracking where a defender realizes chances to offer support as well as win back his possession.


Meanwhile, attacking players will have new methods to overcome defenders through building up room. Sprint dribble turns allow a player to head for every direction at the sprint speed when preserving momentum.They like the increased control over the ball, and the detailed actions that your player can now execute.The combined effect of these changes  and combined is right, as they form an interdependent flow of gameplay  is that FIFA 14 feels more noticeably different to its predecessor than the last two or three games.GO TO