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Entertainment 461 views Apr 14, 2016
Factor too much motion blur

After a turmoil filled few Fifa 17 Coins months during which FUT 15 has hogged the community limelight, its easy to forget that right now, (yes now) we are potentially right on the cusp of the grand unveiling of FIFA 16. Traditionally this happens around May/June time, so with that period looming large, lets take a look at how EA could deliver their best soccer-sim yet with FIFA 16.Improved VisualsFIFA 16 needs to look jaw-dropping and take advantage of what the PS4 can truly offer.


FIFA 15 didnt give Fifa 16 PS4 Coins you that wow factor  too much motion blur and choppiness was of great annoyance. Whilst the presentation does look top quality, there is still massive amounts of room for improvement with player models and gameplay visuals.More Official StadiumsIts not easy to accurately 3D model a stadium. However, EA are starting to grow their catalogue of official stadiums. Every team from the English Premier League featured official stadium status in FIFA 15. Could every stadium from the Spanish league be featured in FIFA 16? Perhaps.


Whatever happens, expect more official stadiums.Realistic ManagersSome managers are very animated whilst others are reserved  this should all be noticeable as youre playing. Its time that managers looked as realistic as they do in real life, along with their personalities and gestures. Take Jose Moreno as an example, he loves to get up and express his anger when things arent going well, and go crazy when his team has scored a goal.


EA may also take the approach of adding a number from all of the mainstream football leagues outside of England: Spain, Germany, Italy and France.Managers can also trigger fan reactions, they sometimes go hand in hand.Realistic CrowdsWhilst the crowds are starting to look better than a bunch of 2D shapes, theres still room for massive improvement.GO TO