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Entertainment 442 views Apr 07, 2016
A realistic Master League mode

PES 2015 was a colossal improvement on the mess that was PES 2014. Fans loved it, critics lavished praise on it, and for many football game fans it pipped EAs FIFA 15 as the Cheap Fifa 16 PS4 Coins best football game of the year. PES is back on top and it needs to stay there.In 2016, EA will be looking to bounce back strongly, so the PES team simply cant afford to rest on their laurels. Someone much smarter than me once said: if you dont move forward, sooner or later you begin to move backward, and that certainly applies here. With that in mind, here are six things that could be improved for PES 2016.


A realistic Master League modeFor a game that is all about simulating the beautiful game on the pitch, its main offline mode is quite the opposite. Like FIFAs Buy Fifa 17 Coins Career Mode, Master League is supposed to make you feel like a manager in between playing matches, but that couldnt be further from the case.Instead youre greeted with an archaic calendar system that lets weeks pass without allowing you to do anything. Theres also an illogical transfer system that consists of smiley faces. Its living in the past, relying on its quirky charm to mask its shortcomings. Were not in 2005 anymore and its time Master League offered something substantial.You know, kind of like FIFA where you actually feel like youre managing a club.


Sometimes, its ok to borrow ideas from the competition. After all, FIFA has done the same in the past.2. Real ball physicsOk, so the ball physics in PES 2015 arent terrible, but the way the ball moves needs looking at. At the moment, theres little variation - you can almost predict the trajectory of a pass or shot before youve let go of the corresponding button. Its something youll notice the more you play PES 2015.Like I said, it doesnt ruin the game, but real ball physics and data would certainly help cement PES 2016 as the football connoisseurs choice. A tricky one to get right without messing things up, but if Konami manage it.


It would be a glorious.3. A proper collision systemAs it stands, there isnt a proper collision system in PES 2015. The way players collide and interact is basic, akin to a couple of action figures coming together. Its not particularly natural and doesnt make PES feel like a proper simulation.As a result, fouls are given when they shouldnt be, or you get away with grievous bodily harm. Its usually one or the other, resulting in immense frustration.If Im being realistic, I dont think were likely to see a sophisticated collision system in PES 2016.GO TO