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492 views Mar 10, 2017
Revelation Online Experience/Aptitude

There are two types of Experience points. One is your normal character experience which allow you to gain levels and another is Excelsior that are used for talent (purple icon). You won’t have to worry about the Excelsior until you reach Level 49.

Starting at Level 39, you will no longer automatically level once you gained enough experience. Instead, you will need to click on the orange button to level up.

Aptitude is a mechanic that increases your experience gain if you don’t play the game so that when you log back in, you can get experience faster. Every day at daily reset you get a fixed amount of aptitude and this aptitude is used up as you gain experience. This aptitude increase the amount of experience you would normally gain from activities. So if you are playing everyday and does everything the game has to offer, you will run out of aptitude points and gain experience at a normal rate rather than an accelerated rate with aptitude. You can see how much aptitude you have with this button.

Aptitude upper limit increases as you level up and depending on how much Aptitude you have you get different kind of experience bonuses. While you do get more experience bonus with more Aptitude stored, you also consume them faster when you gain experience.

0 Aptitude: 0% bonus
1-71 Aptitude: 100% bonus
72-142 Aptitude: 200% bonus
143-213 Aptitude: 300% bonus
214 Aptitude +: 400% bonus
Ascension Stone is something you collect from doing various activities the game has to offer. Once you collect 25 of these stones, you can double click it to receive an Ascension Essence that you can consume to gain a ton of experience.

There is a weekly limit on how much Ascension Essence you can consume based on your level range. You can only consume them after level 20. If you cross the threshold to the next level range without using up previous level range’s weekly limits, they add up together.

Level 20-29 – 5 times/week
Level 30-39 – 15 times/week
Level 40-48 – 30 times/week
Level 49-58 – 45 times/week
Level 59+ – 60 times/week