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Career & Work 608 views Oct 05, 2016
I'm still probably going to spend all my time

I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm super psyched about the Mountain Biome! We've been hearing a lot about the Steppes recently, but I'm glad we're starting to see some stuff that involves snow.

As a frost mage devotee rocking the slow-field potions, it's felt weird for me to run around in grassy areas shooting ice at people. I want some real permanent winter with Albion Online Silver. In fact, regardless of the economic advantages found by traveling to different areas to gather and sell different kinds of resources, I'm still probably going to spend all my time in the mountains.
I'm definitely going to try and find a guild during the next beta that's based out of the mountains.

Is there any recent word on what resources the Mountains will offer? Last I heard, ore is abundant, there's a good amount of rock, and there's some fiber.

What about you? What's your thoughts on the mountains and snow?

I'm completely with you, I love the Mountain Biome! I always wanted a environment with snow during beta so I'm really excited for this.

Also to answer your question, as far as I know, the resources that the Mountains contain can be found here to Buy Albion Online Gold. Other than that I haven't seen any recent changes to what each biome contains in terms of resources.

honestly i dont know about disadvantages, i just think something along those lines would be just another skill point to this game that would make it a tiny bit more diverse. I could list a few things but i just feel like they might be too big of a game changers and not go with the flow, like reducing sprint speed in sand biomes or snow biomes. Not sure what the general consensus is on this, but im up for anything that diversifies this game further and further creating more unique situations.

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