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Career & Work 581 views Oct 03, 2016
Albion Online: Try installing it first on your c drive

So, I built a new computer. I have an SSD (C Drive) and an HDD (D Drive)
When I download the installer for Albion Online it goes into a file on the C drive.
Then I install it on the D drive. Then, I open the Updater window, click Update, and it downloads the entire Update for the latest version, only to fail to install because it's trying to Target the Cheap Albion Online Silver pack... I get the error that says it couldn't install the update. (Because it's trying to put it on the C drive, when the game is on the D drive.)
Why is it doing this? Why is it not detecting the destination folder in the D drive?

My C drive, the SSD is basically full, so every "new" game or app I install goes to the D drive. No other applications have a problem like this.

Try installing it first on your c drive if you put something from c drive onto d to give yourself room then try and install Albion Online Gold on d drive again splitting drives is nice i would like to split mine after i reformat my partition so i can install windows 7 on one and windows 8.1 on another

It's been a few years since Alpha/Beta has started, I am wondering where the option is to change emails associated with accounts is?
Tired of getting Albion Emails in my now work email(wasn't that way when I first setup my account.

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