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Career & Work 444 views Sep 25, 2016
There will be more variety of Albion Online maps

Also im going to go out on this note ( bar time) , why are people so concerned with losing progress on a test server?

In every single notion of your gameplay, your time is being used for 'testing' it is not 'wasted' because you should be well aware of the fact that this game need's testing to Buy Albion Online Gold. That involves wipes, the game is simple man, gvg and gather/craft... that continues within the first 2-3 days of a wipe.. better now while there are more people to actually still be on board to 'test' before they go into a new phase that could involve more time off to do another beta depending on progress with system re-works.

That is to be assumed though right? There's not much debating the idea that a game with as much grind that has been shown so far will ultimately fizzle out due to lack of competition in years to come.

Which is why a wipe for PROGRESSION test.. is not a bad thing.. you can re-tool this game to fit a different time frame, and release future patches with higher progression/land once people start to catch up etc.

You seem to have a really strong opinion about that matter and I think you didnt really catched up on the informationen that the devs gave us. There will be more variety of maps. As far as I knew they hadn´t gotten enough maps for the beta so they had to use a che*p trick( yep had to censor that. Dunno why). I could list a lot of others upcoming changes, for the beta and beyond but I guess I will just give you the link to the backlog.
And when it comes to your ping, as far as I know it the actual ping is lower and honestly it doesn´t feel remotely like 135 or higher. I would notice, had to play a lot around this kind of lag

Probably so, but I hope they balance it such that skill will play a large factor in fights rather than just gear and numbers. Seems to me that if they don't cater to Albion Online Silver, and if they instead make it very difficult to maintain large guilds... that will be ideal for the game -- both in the long and short term. Let more individuals and small groups remain more competitive and I would expect there to be longer-lasting success for the game.