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Intention & Manifestation 544 views Sep 23, 2016
Actualy Albion have the same way to Wildstar

I'm pretty sure ppl don't play as much as they would play if there is no wipe lurking around the next corner. I Know a couple of ppl that will start again when game is release and SI is making no advertise at the moment as far as I know so there will be plenty of ppl when game comes out (If the day is ever come I don't know)

I pretty much stopped playing because I now have a good idea of the mechanics and feel comfortable with how I want to play when the game goes live. I reported the few bugs I encountered and shared feedback with what I thought could be improved. I don't see a point in continuing to "Albion Online Silver" a beta which will be wiped. I will play the next beta (if there is one) and I will definitely return to my guild once game launches.

map will always be too big for this type of game. No bottle necks or required areas that people must pass through will probably be the end of this game down the road with population decline. That will possibly be a good bit down the road, but in the end the map itself will probably kill game because of how big it is. Games like Runescape managed because of bottlenecks to enter the end game areas causing players to be able to see other players. Sandbox is nice, but in the end if you roam for 15hours and see nobody that is a problem. Eve-online had massive areas but technically many bottlenecks going to places in the form of pipelines as well as maps that showed dots and people could "blip hunt" traveling toward larger dots denoting larger player population in a specific region within the last "x amount of time".

I know AO is "newish" and many of these quality of life things could hit game later, but currently as game stands now map will kill game.

Thats only low amount of players now, on release there will be same situation, as on start every beta - a LOT OF people everywhere. You are talking about current population, not about map size. I think map should have size, where travelling from nearest neutral safezone (city) to deepest zones should take like 40-60 mins. Now it is only like 10-15 mins. So map should be at 2-4 times bigger in any direction (4-16 times bigger in square terms) in my opinion for healthy game.

actualy Albion have the same way to Wildstar. f2p after p2p and p2w... and today Wildstar is dead.
i am sad because Albion have a very big potential. But he take the wrong way...

Remove this stupid gold in shop, stay in f2p to Buy Albion Online Gold, make money with cosmetic weapons, mount and house in shop, but never, never, never use € for advantage players or the game will die very quickly.

I'll spend some money for the cosmetic? Yes
I'll spend some money for more power? No ! i love challenge.