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Courage & Fear 670 views Sep 20, 2016
Albion building Cursed Staff

Hey all, building Cursed Staff for this beta to check it out, want to see what you think of Cheap Albion Online Gold - my original build, and the one I think I'm going to switch to:

Build 1 - Tankier / Sustain
Weapon: Cursed Staff 1H (Death Curse)
Offhand: Shield
Head: Cleric (Iceblock)
Chest: Soldier (Bloodlust)
Boots: Scholar (Run)
Build 2: More DPS / Mana
Weapon: Cursed Staff 1H (Death Curse)
Offhand: Shield
Head: Cleric (Iceblock)
Chest: Cleric (Everlasting Spirit)
Boots: Soldier (Sprint Shield)
I think Build 2 is actually better, for a few reasons:
Mana is an issue with Build 1, and when you're OOM as a mage, that sucks. Cloth chest brings more mana regen.
Iceblock and Everlasting Spirit synergize well together. Use Everlasting Spirit first when you're low or getting focused, during the invuln refresh your DoTs and then cast Death Curse with the extra 30% damage, then Ice Block immediately after so you have more invuln while your DoTs do their thing.
Bloodlust is dependent on damaging the enemy for the heals it gives you - healing you for every time you damage someone. The DoTs sound good for this at first glance, but they all stack into one tick, so even if you have three stacks, it's just one tick so I don't think it's three heals, just one. Also I want to Buy Albion Online Gold, to really benefit you'd want to use your Cursed Beam for the up to 5 hits, but in team fights, Armor Piercer is the better option, and that isn't as realiable for getting a lot of hits.
Soldier boots are OP. Almost the same benefit as Run, but with a massive damage shield as well.

Doesnt work like this. Respawn times have min and max margins - so actual respawn happens at random time in between. And they are like 1.5 times longer for max than min. You will not have precise moment even if you know all the numbers.

And yes, respawn timers on high tier nodes seem to be in days. They are corrected with various coefficients in several places, so i'm not in position to give exact numbers.

It doesn't work that way, there is a very large variable in the spawn time. It's +/- like 50% so even if you know exactly when it was harvested if it's 2 days +/- 1 day there is a huge window of when it could be back.