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Consciousness & Awareness 622 views Sep 19, 2016
Albion Online: i have a secret but infact i dont

A few things to think about though with the story and why I believe he was just lying to you. First if they had a way to produce a pup 100% after growing a wolf, why would they bother buying pups from albion online gold shop? Secondly why did they seem so interested in your method of collecting pups if the above was true and finally getting no reaction from the devs about the potential bug seems kind of fishy.

I cannot say yet if such a bug exists or has been reported but I will say if it does exist it will be getting patched. I just think its more likely he was just lying to you to try and get you to reveal your method.

it somehow look likes a lie but maybe he was not wanting to use that method and therefore asked for mine. anyway, doesnt matter. this subject must be researched by bug hunter developers.

This game (also every mmo) needs automatic checker code mechanism for unusual valuable item number increase (like direwolfs, direbears, etc.) for every player to Buy Albion Online Silver. without it i dont think bug abusing will stay in minimum level.

Well you think i have a secret but infact i dont. anyway i can tell the developers my method. today is the 4th day and i couldnt be able to get the 4th one. 4 days 3 pups. there is no abusing in this, dont worry. :] i know this happened to enough people in game history.

I am not sure it's a bug or dev intended. Given with low rate of spawn of higher tier and 100 percent return on even every foal, it makes sense to me 100 percent pup return. In the property, it says 15percent but doesn't say anything else. So I m thinking it might be 15percent chance for pup spawn on each cycle. Besides u cannot get more than one pup per dire.