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Lucid Dreaming 542 views Sep 12, 2016
Albion Online: cater the more casual/noob playerbase

There are way more people who like a nice boxing (consensual 1vs1) or football match (consensual group pvp) whether GvG or small groups (even games like H1Z1 famous pvp mode is organised and you know what you are getting into), their gaming counterparts like moba or fps is famous and a constant in the top twitch charts for reasons and get to become famous esports, people like to know what they are going to get in term of pvp, hop on and do a match Cheap Albion Online Gold. Whether is being a football player, a boxer, an entrepreneur, an office worker or a farmer, these are all jobs that are seen on positive side by the big public, people want to learn more about and become better at it. How many people are interested at becoming a better thief or thug or writing self-help books about it? Because that's what ganking/open world pvp is perceived overall.

This game to survive and thrive in the long term needs to cater and expand on consensual pvp big or small with new systems and expand pve, sandbox and economic elements as it has got a core framework even if small. The open world small pvp is also good to have to add this side of realism but it needs to be very limited, as it's as limited in real life (how much time you are in unsolicitied fights compared to other activities in your life?). As most of you do not like to pick up fights on the street or get robbed at gunpoint, same happen for most people with their virtual experiences, the thrill you are all talking is because you know YOU ARE MOST LIKELY TO BE ON THE WINNING SIDE against the largest more casual users and take advantage, it's just selfish of you and is likely going to bring the developer to a path of bankruptcy. If this game focus on any sort of strong ganking preposition in yellow/red, will die down out of its niche focus because hardcore are the ones who would play after the novelty disappears, and the hardcore would be good enough to be self-sufficient without buying gold, there wouldn't be any major profit mechanism for SBI. You would probably enjoy the game yes, but you would put SBI in a tight spot to keep maintaining the game. This is pretty much what happens when niche pvp loot games focus on their niche to Buy Albion Online Silver, extremely bugged, incomplete with horrible experiences, save for those few thousands who just like it. Well, few thousands are not going to keep the business up and running.

It's really a challenge for SBI to combine sandbox and pve expectations and open world pvp/ganking expectations as they are two separate beasts that clashes. In my opinion this game needs to focus 50% consensual pvp modes, 30% pve and 20% open world pvp to be successful. Clear separation is necessary which is what looks like they are trying to do, obviously making some upset in the process. This all needs balance and refinements, but the direction is good for a decent long term if they are able to keep things going with good updates/expansions.

And please let's stop whining about the world size, we have no idea of the population at release and they need to be ready with their estimate, they cannot just spin another set of servers if servers are peaking bad, there are no channels/multiple servers setup in here. They need to get ready with a reasonable world size for larger estimated population. You do not want to open up the gates and find out that everyone is totally crammed that can bring even more issues and huge backfire.

And while we are at it, let's say that the game also needs to be popular and cater the more casual/noob playerbase who actually pay for the gold more, and therefore bring interest of the botters if the game is popular and got demand, which in turn bring money buying accounts that will be wiped by the company anyway, but at least they try and bring more in. This is an additional source of profits.

Please note, I'm not trying to cater my playstyle, I'm completely happy with strong open pvp, it just not sensible or making enough business sense going the route some of you guys want in my opinion.

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