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Entrepreneurship 473 views Sep 09, 2016
Playing with an Android Tablet

I want to buy a tablet and I've been wondering if there is any real possibilities of playing Albion comfortably.

Looking into the tablet world I've disguised 3 principal top albion online gold shop (I only refer Android based)

1. Google Pixel C
2. NVIDIA Shield -> deprecated
3. Xiaomi MiPad 2

Any experience on any of these 3 models?
I don't like Google Pixel C because it's 10-inch and I prefer something more portable (8-inch)
NVIDIA Shield looks really awesome but it run out of stock because its failing (over-heat)
Xiaomi has the poorest GPU

In the future we will have Samsung Galaxy Tab 3, but benchmarks are saying it will be something like Tab 2 Pro... and Tab 2 Pro is not quite interesting

So now, looking at a prize/power range and considering Shield is not an option to Buy Albion Online Silver, the only one that it's interesting is Xiaomi MiPad 2: I've read experience pre-final-beta. But no experiences after 1st August:

Any experiences with this tablet in this final beta?