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Intention & Manifestation 464 views Sep 06, 2016
Albion Online: I hope that's not the official stance

I hope that's not the official stance on trading though as that's not only boring for the PvPers, but also boring for the trader. It's not even immersive to Buy Albion Online Gold, I doubt many people would like the idea that the best way to trade is to run around naked and fast-travel rather than have some sort of task and reward.

This method is only good for people who are purely looking to earn cash in a time efficient manner, not people looking to have a fun experience with a profession.

Ideally a trader should be rewarded for taking goods from one city to another (the actual buying and selling being the profitable part, the travelling awarding fame and tree progression). A trader should gain advantages for being a trader when travelling, so both traders and bandits have an edge outside of town and the fights/escapes are interesting on both sides. You want to make trading fun enough that even if they lose their goods, it was a good experience. Traders should want to travel and getting into fights should be an exciting part of that for them, not simply "Oh god, I just lost so much money. I wish I could have actually done something about it".

The current system (if traders actually travel at all) is just two cases, a) not meet enemies, uneventful journey, no reward other than possible profit for their Albion Online Silver, or b) meet enemy, die due to lack of mobility in combat, lose all goods without any chance of escape.

You are not supposed to be able to be a Trader in this game anymore. Why do you think it costs so much to travel with goods on you. Very early on you could but then the company decided that each town/area should have just its own local economy so they raised the price up on traveling to where its no longer profitable to be a Trader.They figured it seems that if someone could go from town to town with goods it would upset the local economy. So if you want to play as a Trader you best bet is to find another game.

It can be about profit, but being rewarded for your journey is just an additional step. I too have not seen a game that makes trading fun. But I have always envisioned that some day a game will re-create that scene of a travelling trader, meeting bandits, selling at outposts, having hidden compartments to hide goods, tricks up their sleeves in combat to help allies to Buy Albion Online Gold. They are talking about repair stations outside of town too. Imagine if a flagged Trader could act as a repair station for a fee. There could be so many reasons to be a trader outside of town. So many things they could do while delivering goods that earn money. Seeing a trader should not just be a case of "Do I attack him or leave him alone", he should offer more options for interaction on top of this. There should be reasons other than pity to want to keep a trader alive.