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Metaphysics 504 views Sep 05, 2016
Albion Online Knocked Down System

I'm so sorry but was impossible not posting about this ...

I have to say the last update was a huge change on pvp/pvm system.

So the point is the knocked down Cheap Albion Online Gold farm is really good against mobs but It crashs the pvp system in many points.

For example imagine a small guild with 10 players against another zerg like 16 players or more. We know how the mass pvp works and after the update I saw many players dying after try a execute.

I know what you will think ... "So do not execute and let the player down there." Not so simple yet ...

The holy staff .3 can ress or t8 ress potion can revive a player very quick and it creates a large hole between a Zerg group against a small group.

We know the game is based on the gear level and we know the difference when some guy (wearing 6.2 / 7.2) faces another player full epic 8.3 or higher.

So IMHO remove the execute to bring some balance again.

It's perfectly fine in PvE, but not done well for PvP. If they are working towards a UO inspired rep. system, it would be nice to put the decision on the person who was killed. If you are attacking someone, you have already made the decision to kill that personly Albion Online Powerleveling plan. Once that person is down the person killed should have the option to apply a murder count to the killer and anyone who receives an assist on the kill. That person who was killed should still be allowed to be rezed, as long as they have not chosen the option to return to nearest town.

Likewise, anyone who assisted in killing this person should get get a portion of the kill fame. It's a real shame to see people all rushing in to get the kill fame and making it easier for Mele types to get the execute, while ranged casters/archers and healers cannot.

In UO, if you received 5 murder counts then your character became a murderer and was instantly attacked by guards and always flagged for combat. It took 20 hours of gameplay to work off a murder count. This made people decide if PKing that person was worth the time of turning albion online gold for sale. It also made players have two main PvP chars, one with good reputation and one with bad if you wanted to also play as a PK. I would love to see something similar to this in Albion.

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