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Metaphysics 448 views Aug 31, 2016
What about longevity as far as co existing with Icarus

So I've seen the "trailer" and its looks very cool then my spidy senses started going crazy and i saw it was being published by nexon. So I was in 2 minds about maybe buying like a founders pack since nexon love the p2w option. Then I heard a private server mentioned so I'm curious what is it ? Is it like the WoW legacy servers ie: Living on borrowed time ? Who is eligible to play on it? Or should I genuinely look into nexon's version ?

Short and very accurate :
- If you love P2W, buy most expensive Nexon pack and pay for everything (premium account, potions, elluns to tame and do everything in the game + labor potions...)
- If you hate p2W, join us on the private server (there is Riders of Icarus Gold), there is NO CS yet (there will be one with eluns at a much much lower price than offi), premium for all for free, and not high rates to finish everything in 1 month. Also this server follows korean game, so faster update than offi (we have archer class already).
If you want to try the game now, join us, at least you'll know some little things once offi starts early july ;)
We are all enjoying the game on this server and we have a lot of fun.

It is, but you can't do sh!t on offi because you have to reset every dungeon you want to do with Elluns (cash shop...). On private server, you can do everything.
It's challenging when you start to do legendary dungeons lvl 40 and harder again when you do Legendaries 50. I've never finished those ones yet ( 1 month i play on private server).

What about longevity as far as co existing with the nexon version. Is this gonna get shut down in 12months ? On that thread who is in charge of the free server and how is it able to exist without nexons wrath. A link to the private server would also be appreciated

The game doesn't have a huge following with Icarus Gold, so the p-server is relatively small, but I wouldn't be surprised if it maintains a larger long-term population than the official servers, once the initial hype of the NA launch wears down. The p-server is really well-done, compared to...whatever it is Nexon's doing.

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