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Lucid Dreaming 768 views Aug 28, 2016
The Riders of Icarus system is fine

Players who believe the system is good as is have never played an amazing MMORPG. I looked for a good hour for the correct or close to correct stats for a sword on the AH and found that the few that were listed were listed at 50G each. Some player(s) understanding stat priority are now going to grieve players...nice.

I personally like randomized gear. I hate games where you know exactly what you're gunna get, what to farm etc. I guess because I was a big fan of the Diablo series with Cheap Riders fo Icarus Gold, mainly diablo 2. Sure, it had uniques that were set in stone, but the good players never touched those, the amazing pieces were the randomized rares. I feel it makes the game more interesting and also allows for the bartering system. You might not have gold to offer but maybe you can trade other things amongst each other.

Your memory is faulty when it comes to D2. There were plenty of uniques that were must-haves for all builds. They came with the same stats, but the intensities varied. There were also class-specific rares, but you were certainly not finding a bunch of rare barb weapons with stats for casters.

I was actually surprised to see that the token gear for running heroics is the exact same way. Like I accepted the fully randomized Int greatsword as part of the bad loot and I'm fine with that, or the perfect strength +50 X3 version but I figured if nothing else the token ones would maybe have a smaller stat set than what you could get through the randomizer but of good stats to at least set you in the right direction if nothing else.

No luck though, completely random again, here's to the Heavy chest plate with mana, wisdom and dex!

Lol the system is fine, just keep farming, you'll get what you're looking for Icarus Gold. Best way to do it is to let your buddies know what you're looking for and you do the same for them, so if you solo or happen to get good drop from a group run, just toss it to them. You can also buy the "perfect" piece on the AH, but usually for a hefty price. That is why farming is very profitable if you get lucky on the drops.