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Consciousness & Awareness 406 views Aug 23, 2016
The fights are nothing special in Icarus

Ran into something along the line of what people are posting here. Since Cream wants to leave these offenders anonymous I'll not post a screenshot of the person posting in chat or the guild they are in. What I will mention is that they were not only camping Garme, they were wanting people to pay them money to "ROI Gold" get the tame. Wouldn't that be extortion making others pay them since they couldn't get it while the guild has it camped? True people could pay as a "service" as they are likely trying to pass it off as. Will the said person that does get it? not likely while they all have it then steal the tame making the person just out of luck.

The instance idea may get farmed by said guild or the farmers but that would put it like any other instance boss from any other game. Hard to be extorted on a camp for a tame from anyone when you can have your own group go in your own instance for the boss. Not have to deal with steals,trolls or those wanting you to pay them while they keep anyone else for getting the boss. I'm not interested in the thing for some time ,though saw this was a major problem as soon as I saw it in the chat.

I'm totally cool on waiting before taming all the mounts, not much of a completionist and I rather other people who genuinely want the mounts to get it. However, the title is worth it so I ended up taming all the mounts anyway, and I didn't have as much difficulty because my guild-mates busted their ass for me. I can't imagine how smaller guilds or guildless people feel trying to tame the heroic mounts. This kind of event really promotes cancerous behavior by preventing people from helping others.

What value really? The fights are nothing special with Riders of Icarus Gold. Agnas you kite in circles and kill. Garme you just put auto attack on and wait a long time.
Both fights have no value at all, they are boring or too easy.

I don't see how making them instanced would crash the market?
Wouldn't it make the items more valuable if you make the fights tougher? Or place a timer on dungeon-entry so that the items are also rare?

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