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General 378 views Aug 21, 2016
Anyone else annoyed about the Icarus

Anyone else annoyed about the game deselecting your targets?
When you turn around running away from a mob, you have to selcet it again when you turn back around.
Also something that annoys me quite a bit is when I select a mob I know I will kill in Riders of Icarus Gold. I charge up Explosive Shot and change target to get ready to attack it. But when the first target dies, I lose target of the next mob I selected. This often results in me wasting attacks on the next mob that I had selected, so I'm basically just hitting the air.

Also when you lose the selected target when facing away is also something that can royaly screw you over. In Attaius when he does the rage ability, you have to fly away from him, but not too far! But how am I supposed to know how far away I am when he deselects? If I'm not having him selected, then I can't see how far away I am?

The whole point is that this should not happen. Even if you can strafe to keep target in sight, in a lot of situations you just don't have the time to do that.

If I could walk away from a target, and then turn the camera looking behind me to select it again with tab, then that would be great, but it seems tab in this game select targets infront of your character to Buy Riders of Icarus Gold, not where you point your camera. So if you are running away from a target you absolutely have to left click the target again to select it. Running away from a target, turning camera, and then left click again to select is a real pain (Especially for those that like to move forward by pressing both mousebuttons).

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