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Consciousness & Awareness 365 views Aug 16, 2016
Icarus not sure where your statement is coming

In this case the community asked for something to do and they made an event which is good, the event however requires you to tame the only 2 mounts left untamed on probably 99% of most peoples list and the two I'd guess almost all of us want. The requirements to get those Icarus Gold are pretty big and are very hard to achieve even without random people showing their worst possible qualities and stopping you just for the sake of wasting your time so the community again speaks up because this is STILL open beta and these things will get worse on full launch if they're not addressed.

As it currently stands quest mob or not you could need to kill it and someone will tame it after you do all the hard work, this needs to be fixed.
As it currently stands marks and taming points are shot on mount not on success or fail which means if someone kills your mount on purpose you lose BOTH
As it currently stands first shot is the only one that gets loot so if someone tags it a split second before you then sits back while you fight it, you get nothing
As it currently stands if you fight something to lower it's health to increase your chance of taming then mount up someone can kill it on you which pairs with my second point and shouldn't even be possible. The closest fix I can think of which still has potential issues is once hit only that person or party can fight/mount it period.

These are becoming more and more prevalent only because of this event and newest patch opening the door for people to tame those last 2 mounts which by the way give a third (Riders of Icarus Gold) if you get both and already have the regulars down. Griefing was inevitable and so was the flood of complaints about the people that think it's fine.

So again, not sure where your statement is coming from as the way I see it we have not only the right to openly complain about these issues and their impact on the health of the game and community itself but even a duty to as those who genuinely want this game to launch from beta as a success and continue playing it for a long time. But yeah bash the entire community for being angry over losing tames and marks cause someone wants to ruin someone else day just cause, don't see a problem there...