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385 views Aug 14, 2016
I don't think anyone called them a no life

If nexxon didn't decide to have a patch from 3pm to 8pm my time, then not release the ability to download patch until like 4pm, I had to wait 5 hours for my crappy internet to download their massive 7 GB patch (Idaho doesn't have many options for internet, so nothing I can do where I live without Riders of Icarsu Gold). Then take down the servers just as I finish the download, I probably could have hit 35 too. Honestly it's not really an achievement when you can level quickly in this zone, but congrats either way. Off to farming and doing nothing but that to make money while we wait a month or so for Nexxon to release another patch, which will probably only raise the level cap to 45.

I don't think anyone called them a no life, just that this doesn't seem like an achievement. I'll probably have all 3 of my characters capped to lvl 35 by the end of the day because quest grind is the main way you level in this game. Is that an accomplishment? Nah...not really, but it definitely is nerdy and means you're knowledgeable enough about the game to know how to level fast. Want to see more posts about server first clear content with tips than server first quest grind...but that's just me. o-o

I would assume since that poster was coming to the defense of OP, he will not receive a warning despite the flame.

Also to the people that are saying they leveled fast because "they're knowledgeable about the game", the game literally gives you an xp buff for being in a bigger group....and just about every quest is kill 3-10 of Monster X or collect 3-10 of Item Y....just like every MMO in the past 20 years....would hardly call that skill or knowledge.

Posting on the forums that you were first for leveling 10 levels in a simple game comes off as Cheap Riders of Icarus Gold. If it was something like a dungeon or boss that nobody has been able to beat for months, then yeah, put it on the forums, hell, I might even give you a Congratulations, Well Done reply. But leveling? I guess if you have nothing else to be happy about...

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