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Business 402 views Aug 12, 2016
Pritsha was such a huge issue in CBT

I got the mark for Agnas ,and was really hyped to tame him after a long wait to get free Riders of Icarus Gold ,but guess what happened when i jumped on top of Agnas ? ,this guy(i wanna swear so bad ) comes along ,and kills agnas while i am freaking taming him ,Please fix this game so people can't kill mobs while they are being tamed .

I thought that couldn't be done? That's why Pritsha was such a huge issue in CBT; players kept jumping on to tame while others were trying to kill for a quest. As soon as someone else hopped on, no one was able to attack.
If this is no longer the case, I'm very concerned. Agnas and Garme will be absolute nightmares.

This happened to me a couple of times, one when I was trying to tame Fenrir, and another when I was trying to tame Hoonbaba about 8-9 days ago.
Until they adjust this, just gotta try taming Agnas on dead channels during dead times

Sadly if you attempt to tame a monster and it has DoTs on him or a player was charging an attack against the familiar it will hit it and possibly kill it... Sorry to hear about that

Why don't you try customer support? They're terrible but you lose nothing for trying to get your Icarus Gold. This is clearly a game design issue.

Nah i truly don't want to wait another week or two just for them to give me back my mark ,I have the materials needed to craft two more ,So i will try to log in later when most of these "Griefers" Are offline ,and time agnas ,and hopefully succeed.

Honestly i must say, i've been playing video games as early as i remember, I think i can say from my own experience and others that i believe i know what would and wouldn't work.

But what you guys have done with this game is beyond Comparison you have something special here and when i found this game (about 3 days after it was publicaly released)
I knew i found something special And I plan on sticking with this game and putting all my effort into whatever i can to improve this game and the great community we have around it.


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