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Career & Work 480 views Aug 09, 2016
Riders of Icarus: I've seen games with Gm

GMs are usually easy to spot, probably sporting full +20 Accessories, and things you can't typically get (equipment, cosmetics, etc.) Kind of just depends what kind of tools they have access to/restricted from the Developers really.

GMs do not do things like magically place fully enhanced equipment into your backpack or give you 2550000 gold or hand you 1000000 Riders of Icarus Gold Shop credits (most of these are exaggerated extreme illegal cases lol), but I actually never really mentioned that capability, I only mentioned item vaporizing because usually they can have tools to track ''dirty'' gold or get rid of a special exception item(s).

If you didnt know, gms got a job as working as a gm, but gms also got a enjoyment in games will say they do have FREE TIME, if they prefer playing the game on their free time they actually using a HIDDEN ACCOUNT, i know this for 100% since im pretty Close with an gm in Another game and publisher.

and forum moderators got zero Power, they are regulare players who volounteer for us players, to help players and keep kids away from talking to Deep with zero clue.

I couldn't care if they did all ROI Gold. I would care if they were actively helping particular guilds and players in game.

I've seen games with Gm's with op characters running around getting chased by other players in pvp or otherwise and just generally having fun with the community. In others I've seen them only appear with a starter character when called by a player to help with an issue. I couldn't care if they were sitting on the guardian dragon at Hakanians crossing surrounded by 3 Golden Laiku's solo tanking 2 world Bosses so long as no one else benefits.