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Career & Work 2,018 views Aug 03, 2016
I'm worked so hard for these Icarus event

I seriously cannot believe you actually made another thread about this... they extended the event for YOU basically, because you complained for days about it. They postponed our rewards due to the whining you did on the forums. Here you are again trying to get another extension or to remove the rewards of the others who worked so hard for these event completion. This is complete and utter ridiculousness - I hope the ROI Gold, cms, and gms can all see now how selfish you really are. They can now see that you really were only concerned about your getting the reward, not the rest of the people who had issues with the event.

I can appreciate and support the extension they did on the event (even though it kept our titles at bay longer) because it did give people a lot more time to get what they needed after the major rush of players was in the next zone. However, here you are again with the same nonsense and it's very clearly selfish this time around.

This is the real issue here. And if you'll notice the only thing that I highlighted in the OP was the suggestion for forward moving event management. Personally I spend between 10 and 14 hours online a day, and regardless of this difference in activity between "normal" players and myself the point remains. It's not my intention to change the rewards in the slightest. This is how you get people to talk. The Nexon employees can use the feedback and open discussion provided here to better plan all future events. If you think I'm crying about a 5% difference in taming point consumption (because of the current event for the rings from the Frost Keep providing a 15% taming point reduction) you are very sorely mistaken about my true intention.

This is unfortunately true, and an issue in and of itself. As long as this remains the only way for them to see who has met the requirements, taming events are effectively a giant stress and grief fest which let's be honest, isn't a whole lot of fun. That's a shame as the idea itself is a good one, it's just poorly executed.

When you throw a large number of people together like Riders of Icarus Gold, you're always going to have people who do things differently and have varying opinions on how things should be done, so creating an event which caters to all is never going to be an easy feat. But this particular event, though it could have been inclusive to all, became somewhat biased towards people who had more time to play, or who were lucky enough to be in a larger guild. Sadly, for anyone who had commitments outside the game limiting their time, or who are in a smaller guild, their chances of completing were much lower. You can farm all you like for the 2-3 hours a day you have online, but it's likely that will never have been enough. It's easy for others to say "well, you had the chance still," but realistically, no, many of them didn't. And for this they were excluded.

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