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Career & Work 635 views Jul 31, 2016
Riders of Icarus: Launcher.exe "FIXED"

OK so i found a Solution to my Icarus Gold problem today: Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit
Here's what i did:

1. Back Up Everything .
2. Reinstall Windows 7 from USB OR CD.
3. Once on Desktop Don't install any Anti Virus/Fire Wall Programs .
3. Install all your drivers that came with Motherboard CD
4. Since i have 2 SSD and 1 HDD here's what i did. First SSD will have Windows installed, And 2nd SSD will have Launcher & Game installed.
5. Start Downloading your Launcher & Game.
6. install your latest Nvidia Graphics Driver and let it restart.
7. install your windows 7 updates including SP1
8. Doesn't matter if your windows is Activated or not ROI Gold, can always do that latter.
9. Download SlimDrivers Free which will Install & Update all your Drivers.
10. once you done all that Reboot your PC.

11. Once your back on desktop:
Click Start bottom left corner
In the search bar type in MSCONFIG click on it.
Click on services,
Tick the box saying Hide All Microsoft Services,
Then Click Disable All click ok.

Then it'll ask you to Restart PC Click Yes.
12. Make sure you Created a shortcut for the Game that says "Riders Of Icarus"on the Desktop.
13. Go to the Short Cut & Right Click Run it as Administrator.
14. Launcher should come up & Press Play.
15. Enjoy your Game.

IF your wondering what Antivirus am i using:
I'M using Avira Anti Virus 2016 Free.

Make Sure your PC can actually run the Cheap Riders of Icarus Gold i cant stress out enough with people complaining about Lag in game.
And Also have a Good Internet Connection.