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Business 440 views Jul 28, 2016
Riders of Icarus: proceed to blink around the house

This is now fixed, for anyone having trouble as a mage. Get a pet with high stamina. Then proceed to blink around the house whenever she attacks. She will follow you infinitely. Make sure to turn on mana shield Riders of Icarus Gold. Make sure to throw fireballs whenever you can (you can blink while they are in the air). Repeat till she dies.

Class specific items with Class Stats, the amount can be rg but spamming a dungeon 20 times to get full gear that helps you with each bonus is tedious.
More customization choice in your ability build, even following wow with the 3 talent trees would be better then everyone using the same 8 abilities for a class.
New Class, party finding can be slow trying to get one of a kind of each class be nice to have a sub class that can heal / tank or support.

Scrub the pay to reset of dungeons, It ruins gameplay.
Dungeons need to be balanced (Carleon Estate is hard, Rom is easy)

Taming points should lvl same with things you can tame.
Scrub pet sealing and allow all creatures to be tamed to Buy Riders of Icarus Gold, the ones you cant ride can be pets also give them more abilities and stamina because pets are useless and this games all about beast masterying isnt it? (also allow lock on pet aggro, having to change passive to gaurd everytime his ever so often is time consuming and needs to be better.

More acheivements, you can get majority of the acheives in a week excluding some that may take months.
Easier way to navigate your cursor to your options + Better mouse sensitivity.
Female chars shouldnt wear a dress, its just unrealistic and their skirt flys up when they ride,

All in all good game, hope it gets many Icarus Gold and unique features as for now its only a weeks worth of game