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Business 485 views Jul 22, 2016
Riders of Icarus: the targeting allies thing

Especially with the targeting allies thing, that's rather important in a boss battle and you need to heal someone quickly.

I've had the targets shift on me all because one came closer than the other but I still wanted to kill the one that was furthest to Buy Riders of Icarus Gold. Really irritating. And no, I didn't press Tab again.

Another thing they should do, make mounted combat vary between classes. Like different weapons and skills. For example, instead of a crossbow or a spear, a wizard or priest will have a staff that can shoot out magic/castor attacks.

same thing happens to me.. im a berserker and i cant stress how ♥♥♥♥ed up target combat is.. lavalight cave.. exploding lil things.. attacking something else that no matte rhow hard i try to keep in front always moves to the ♥♥♥♥ing back of me and splits up the group making my multi attacks usless even more so if my target runs away while the rest stay with Cheap Riders of Icarus Gold.. target out of range but wont swing or use attacks on anything close unless i tell it 2..

because of this ♥♥♥♥ auto attack i am missing my combs alot!!!!! will hit twice try to press the right number but ohhh 2 late your auto atk took over have 2 wait.. opps skill worked after and messed it all up now have 2 wait

Oh, and I have yet to find a way to stop the auto-attack. Seriously, that's annoying. Allow us to toggle it. There's a time when I need it and a time when I don't need it.

Needed it ONCE and that was today when I was like "screw it, I'm going to fly above you and shoot you...crap, out of stamina with the only flying mount that can fly this high..." Needed auto-attack there because it doesn't use up stamina, but it doesn't regen either (which is fine).

Another thing that, for me at least is quite annoying is...The mp consuption on skills is a ♥♥♥♥ing joke, I dont need to manage my skill use, just blow cds non-stop cause they use almost no mp.

Like, I've farmed mobs non-stop for long periods of time and my mana bar didnt droped bellow 90~95%, I've been deleting the MP pots I get Riders of Icarus Gold cause there is no point on keeping them eatin inventory space when they are useless.