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Business 420 views Jul 15, 2016
Riders of Icarus: where people mad stuff

Its like pokemon GO but with classes but srly game is in open beta so we got 25 lvl cap and 3 dungs and 1 big boss,there is alot of mission to lvl up your charakter.Dungs focus on tanks,heals,dps so its rly fast to find party.Combat is rly good,you can combo your skills to get more effects like more dmg for ROI Gold. (ofc you can combo how you want to get others effects on monster or players). PvP for now is unbalanced but PvE is rly good. I rly enjoy this game and wait for more patches

Well not bad then. I wonna kind of join a game where people are friendly and happy to play. Many games as I played befor where people mad stuff. Now its time for me to find somethink else. Something fun.

What I'm focused on is how the game work and stuff thanks. And how people are to each other. Still sounds good. But when yougot it from Steam do you then have sone kind of browser like LOL, War Thunder they got? Like you have to asign without Steam?

It connects directly to your steam account so its an automatic log-in, graphics are pretty/combat is fun "I play as a gaurdian"- a tank if you will. you can tame your own mounts and you get a flying mount at around lvl 10 i believe maybe sooner. there are in-game achievments where it gives you money to spend on the in-game shop "Health potions/energy potions/costumes, and bags to increase your inventory. the community is quite nice from whati've seen to Buy Riders of Icarus Gold..although there is still quite a bit of goldfarmer spammers since this is a korean game. but i havent had any problems so far, you should really try it out just to see for yourself

I have to say you gave me the best info here dude. Thanks. Like really. You said the community are nice to people and stuff. And you really told me thinks I didn't knew where in the game. Thanks for your time you good person.