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Business 400 views Jul 08, 2016
Albion Online: GvGs: 50 vs 1000

There needs to be an alliance size limit. Either a hard set limit or a mechanic that makes it progressively harder for large alliances to gain extra territories needs to be implemented. 50 player guilds will never be able to compete with 1000 player alliances with Cheap Albion Online Gold. Even though it is 5v5, the 1000 player alliance still has a major advantage. A few small groups of five might be able to fight goliath, but average players are still screwed. People can say everything is alright, but all you have to do is look at the map or the player count in town to see things are not alright. The world has turned into a few monopolies. A handful of organizations have stockpiled practically every territory in the game. There has also been a major dropoff in players since launch of Beta. People who are arguing that the 5v5 (50v1000) GvG model is working fine are delusional. It is time to start figuring out how to attract average gamers before Albion is a complete ghost town.

Arguing that everyone should move to 1000 player alliances is dumb. These huge entities exist out of function and necessity, not out of preference. Most of the people in these alliances do not even know the GMs of other guilds in the alliance. There is little comradery between all these people. People would have much more fun playing in smaller groups.

So, now u understand, that 1000 stronger than 100, 100 than 50, 50 than 1. Looks like serious scientific discovery with Albion Online Gold. Use your diplomatic skill to save your independent position and don't have claim war with strong alliances u cant win. Its win-win strategy.

You got no problems with killing single players in OW? Dont u think they can think in same way and ask DEVs to 'cap groups in OW'. 'plox fix this guys - they kiled me in black zone in 10 ppl and i cant win 1 vs 10. fix it plz'.

I dont see how its limiting. People can still make alliances will just make it harder for them to zerg since they can also hurt each other in pvp. Which means there will be way less zergging and it will become easier to fight against the few zergs that might show up.

Runescape for instance didnt have a guild/clan or alliance system. But people still joined huged clans and had huge battles but it had to be really coordinated cause everybody could hurt in best albion online silver store, even your guildies. Hell, the leader of ur guild could even call ur name by mistake and ur whole guild would rape the shit out of u before they noticed u were one of them.

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