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Career & Work 482 views Jul 08, 2016
I love Riders of Icarus more

My number one pick would have been Vanguard Saga of Heroes Necromancer. The necromancer had a permanent pet which you had to harvest parts from dead mobs so you could graft them on to give him abilities and Icarus Gold. These parts had rarities and some could only be harvested off of certain bosses. Some of the grafts also allowed you to steal energy from your pet for yourself.

Secondly the Necromancer had 4 different types of temporary pets that could be up simultaneously with the permanent one. Archer, Melee, and Caster pets could be kept up semi permanently as long as mobs were dying and one more powerful reanimation that could only be up for a short period.

The necromancer also had 2 forms (or specs) Lich and Spirit the spec would give you specific abilities not open to the other spec. The spirit was a ghost and naturally had spirit abilities, levitation etc.., the Lich focused on physical spells and could drain his health for great mana regen. The Caster Temporary pet would change based on this spec.

So you had a lot of damage over time abilities, amazing kite potential, and every corpse you or your party defeated provided you with choices: Salvage it for grafts, tap it for mana, summon a temporary ROI Gold seller, create a temporary buff for tanks, cause it to explode etc...

You had a very deep class running around dungeons with 4-6 pets who could customize one of them and find rare grafts while still having plenty of combat spells to use. Not to mention when in your form you had the appearance of a Lich or Ghost making you look as badass as you are.

EQ pets are definitely my favorite. (though i only really played pets in WoW and a few others to high level) In EQ you could set points that pets could be call back to or to just follow you. They tend to tank well and hold agro well. At higher levels you could tell them to cast or not cast spells, taunt or not taunt, attack or not attack (on each target to Buy Riders of Icarus Gold), give them armor and special buffs, some could root or snare or debuff. All the pet classes can hold a fully buffed and equipped pet in a box in case your current one dies. All the pet classes get special abilities and emergency long cool down abilities that do various things. There are secondary swarm pets that act like short duration pets you can summon.