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Business 462 views Jul 05, 2016
Riders of Icarus: having your friends around you

Summon There's a nice feature that helps you having your friends around Riders of Icarus Gold seller. By writing /summon "Name" you can summon your friend for a certain amount of gold near you. (at higher lvl 1 gold is nothing).

Grind and Questing The game did feel very grindy on my way to 60. I used all those free potions we got. The max exp buff you can get is 500%. Nexon will probably keep that up in their version too. The game is a quest grinder. There are: - Main quest - blue quest (side quest) - blue repetitive quest (up to 99x) - green quest (side quest) - green repetitive quest (up to 99x)

Guilds Guilds have limited player slots, starting at lvl 1 with 20 players. Player can raise guild lvl by killing monsters similiar to their lvl. You can make a guild in the main city. Ther are also alliances aviable at lvl 3 Guild. The guild skills are the following: - LVL 1 Ardent training (+10% hp/+10% mana) - LVL 2 Swift conditions (walking and mounted movement +5%) - LVL 3 Money Handling (+10% increased dropchance) - LVL 4 Vicious sparring (+3 % pvp attk, def) - LVL 5 Survival training (increas 10% of attack, magic, etc and add 25 all attributes) Maybe theres terretory war, i dont know.
Combat and classes Combat is similar to AION with the addition of avoiding attacks. It is tab targeting but you can also evade attacks. The animation isnt that great, doesnt look fluid, just flashy. There are 6 classes in the korean version (5 in the nexon version). For the legendary dungeons, the game is designed around the trinity system: The Tank tanks, Healer heals Icarus Gold. - Wizard (Mage) - Priest (Healer) - Berserker (Warrior) - Guardian (Tank) - Assasin - Ranger (not aviable yet on the Nexon version)

Beside your main weapon of your class, there is mounted combat. A spear is used on a grounded mount. A Crossbow is used on a flying mount.

The game has a variety of skills, but most times you will be spamming 1,2,3,4 Some skills need to be pressed multiple times, theres a option in the OPTIONS that does that automaticly by pressing your skill just once.

PVP theres Arena and a map with free player kill. You get there your pvp set by completing quests and farming mobs for exharain coins. PVP sets can also be crafted. Dont know much more.

Min/Maxing a Character There are various ways: - Seal familiars to add the stat buff to weapon/armor - With a distractor you can take out those orbs from your weapon/armor - use enchance stones from lvl 15-170: up to lvl 10 is safe, after that the weapon can brake or go back to lvl 1. There is overenchanting aviable. Once you reach max lvl 20 enchant (some weapons can) you can overenchant to lvl 25. At that point weapon cant brake, they just delevel. From 10- 20 you might use elunes for fail protection. - Sealed familiars add points to your TALENT POWER (press P). You have a skill page wich can be filled with various passive skills to enchance your main skills with ROI Gold. Those need a certain amount of points. Sealed familiars give those points. At lvl 60 you need to do certain quests to unlock the full potential. There are 2 skill pages for different builds. - Using accessoires, capes and other fashion can give bonuses like +5000 hp, +5% def (for 30days). Fashion can also be accuired with elunes(free, cash shop) and pcbunny coins (free). Also trough events ofc.