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Business 427 views Jul 03, 2016
Albion Online: use frost shot on my warbow

I actually don't even use frost shot on my warbow... and warbow, from what ive played so far is definitely NOT OP... I dont deal a ton of damage and if im hit I lose life pretty quickly.. I dont have a ton of range either to point you can just kite forever... to get in and out without damage...usually takes a sprint or some sort of speed boost (or slow down on them) all of which have decently long cool down... im always out of mana by time a long duel or fight takes place as well... When I started playing they told me the warbow used Cheap Albion Online Silver to be a lot better before... if people feel it still is OP then more power to them, give it a fix... I think all classes should be balanced and have at least a chance of being able to beat another class when skill comes into play.

The halberd can hit from further out then my poision arrow, speed shot, and autoshot.... they can also speed the shot up so now your getting hit from across the board multiple times in a row... and it doesnt take many shots as it is to die from a halberd.

Sorry for whatever experience youve had against archers but I dont feel the OP-ness when I play it.... halberd is easily and openly super OP right now and makes no sense right now with the range... its a melee weapon, not ranged... to be able to increase your auto attack further then a ranged wep is ridiculous.. thats my only complaint.... not the amount of dmg it puts out.

The change to Q makes halberd far from unplayable. In fact, it's the best fix to broken Q it could be. If you can't hit your target within 8-16 sec (2-3 spirit stacks on you), then better get Cheap Albion Online Gold buff to either reach him, reposition or disengage!

In the meantime, bow with 20%passive range increase on auto-attacks, that's like .. 13+ m range? Halberd can hit same distance with spirit spear... wtf?? Seriously?

If devs want to keep it this way, then lets not "treat" halberd as melee weapon any more, but as ranged weapon, giving it the necessary "fixes" all the ranged weapons have to balance their advantage of "range" over the rest weapons. ... if you know what I mean.... - cuz at the moment halberd seems to have the best of both worlds... - It has the mobility (speed buff), the CC (root) and the dmg, both aoe and single target... You still think it's ok? - We speak now before everybody cries nerf after release, then they *have* to fix it, then people start quiting cuz .. you know... rerolling with no LP....

It has movespeed, which is great since the move speed on the next patch is greatly reduced to everybody and which stops people from being full charged up at all times in a fight just waiting to hit a squishy. Also has a root which is pretty good, even better after patch since theres no root spell on armors now.

You mean, it will require a little bit of skill to play it in best albion online silver store, and they shifted the focus from "better than daggers at assassinating people and u can do it from long range!" to a balanced weapon with a more appropriate role