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Career & Work 410 views Jul 03, 2016
The combat is extremely satisfying in ROI

To my surprise, I've actually been enjoying it quite a bit. The combat is extremely satisfying - you can go from fighting on your dragon to fighting on your wolf - then on to your feat. If you are about to die to some mob, flee by flying away at any moment - at least if you have enough Riders of Icarus Gold. I can see this combat take guild wars (if added at some point) to another level. The Action Camera mode is pretty nice imo - immerses you in the combat.

The game is actually pretty tough; I die quite often if I fuck up - so carefully planning your abilities is a must and so is staying well geared by doing the dungeons on heroic (and paying attention). Therefore making use of your combos is a must to get as much damage out as possible. You can't just aggro a bunch of mobs and roflstomp them. This challenge along with the combat is quite entertaining. Teaming up is a good idea.

So far, almost all the items have been useful - even the few I crafted. Health, strength, energy, etc.. potions make the difference between staying alive or being dead. You may also craft armor for your mounts.

Now all this isn't even taking in account the fact you can tame mounts of a large variety - ranging from normal mobs like a cow to elite bosses like dragons. Which all range in difficulty to tame - some require special items that you can craft by collecting certain things from the world and dungeons.

If you get the game, I suggest joining a guild from the get go - its nice to have people to talk to when you need help (and you probably will).

As a rogue the leash range doesn't matter as much as being a wizard or priest. Odd, my crosshair remains fixed - sometimes on log in its a bugged but switching from standard to action corrects Icarus Gold. Anywho, hopefully those things are fixed. Either way the game is quite fun - definitely recommend trying on release.
Well "action combat" can't really compare with truly action combat games. Its just another means to target mobs.

Well there is the old tab targeting we know from wow and then there is the action camera.
The action camera completely fucks you over and generally feels unresponsive as fuck, compared to GW2/Tera
Normally, when you move your mouse, the camera turns and the "crosshair" stays in the middle. In this game, the crosshair moves a little, which feels terrible when actually playing.
And the biggest combat related problem is the so called "leash range". Mobs reset after just a few meters, and escape abilities that are designed to kite mobs actually make them reset