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Business 357 views Jun 29, 2016
Automatic weapon swapping of Tree of Savior

Automatic weapon swapping after being in an area for a while or in combat with multiple other players freezes the screen for seconds. This affects cannoneers and musketeers pretty badly since they rely on auto-swap to use their TOS Gold. Weapon swapping in general is laggy, but not nearly as bad as auto-swap.

I don't know if this is possible for ToS, but in other MMOs I've played it was possible to simplify or null the textures/animations that caused that kind of lag/screen freezes. I would request an addon that minimizes/removes client-sided animation or textures for weapon swapping in the hopes that cannoneers and musketeers can auto weapon swap without their screen freezing for several seconds (if those things are indeed the cause).

I don't know about controllers, but for mouse-controls, 'space' only works to go through messages and jump. Not even as a 'confirm' or 'yes' button.
Whats silly is that, when using keyboard there is clearly a 'use/interact' button (default being 'space'), but there's no mapping for it whatsoever in the mouse controls.

I have a feeling that is going to be either impossible to do or not allowed. Let's hope not.

From my understanding, the one that is listed is "this item is used for a collection". What I want is "the following collections need items you have" (and then place those collections at the top of the Cheap Tree Of Savior Silver, or filter out the rest, or add a symbol like the "N" for "New collection" but for "Items can be added"). It's a pain to search among all the collections I have to find which is the one that I can add an item to, and although knowing which items are needed is nice, I still have to find the collection.

That would be a nice addition, although I like the feeling of adding items one by one myself. But someone else may like it so you might want to add it as an option?

People is crying over Leddit karma? It's not like nothing was credited or something.
Now I'll need to look after all the addons by myself. If you addons devs want your work to be recognized, at least invest in some advertisement. We won't even be able to visualize your addons if you don't actually throw them at our face.

If someone could put a website on for devs to put their stuff down, that would be awesome. Something like Curse.

I really love all of you devs and supporters. Just don't kill people that is actually trying to help out somehow...

I would think the "Data Collection" and "Companion Tether" suggestions would be the type of addons IMC is against. Would love to see the rest of these Cheap TOS Silver. Hopefully more talented people like Excrulon, Gibbed, and Lemon-King will keep popping up and we can have all of these made!