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Business 291 views Jun 23, 2016
The resource territory change of Albion Online

I love your manner of stating argueable things as facts, you are wrong though - first of all there is downside of adding more people into existing crowd - those people will have their interests and desires Cheap Albion Online Silver, so managing a bigger crowd is harder than a smaller one, and social skills are part of this game obviously. Secondly there is cost - more people you have in your crowd more resources are needed for the crowd, so resources are getting redistributed every time the crowd grows.

One thing I would agree with you on though - gm's shouldn't be interfeering with game market and mechanics once they are out

Also with resource territory change you can either make a specific guild of one nation or similar time zone that has lots of ppl there but none in other TZ or you can divide your forces in multiple TZ. Also it might improve trade as you wont be able to get any resource from your friendly guilds territory, they have to trade it to you.

It might also make scamming easier with pretend alliances, which creates more drama. And if anything is making EvE so good game, it is the drama that player create and the news that go with it.

I realize that while I think it might work as such it might be horrible when implemented. But ask yourself, is the current system good and is SI doing all they can to keep the promise that even the little guy and casuals are viable here?

I'm not sure about the cap on guild size / alliance size as any number we pick (even if we said, crazily, that there are at most 100 players per alliance) is still more than enough for what is considered to be a huge zerg with Albion Online Items. It would just annoy people to no end with kicking inactive members or switching alliance or some other mechanicms to game the system - ultimately, it would only make playing a large group harder, which, you could say, increases the advantage of well organized large alliances over everybody else.

A friendly fire change make work, but it unfortunately creates a lot of other issues related to griefing and flagging.

However, one thing we could easily do - and which is proven to work - is to just nudge up our escalating damage mechanic on AoE spells again (i.e. the more players you hit, the higher the damage per player). This will act as a heavy punishment for over-stacking. Be careful what you wish for, though, as it might mean that if you stuck up with 8 players in a tight space, you are dead.

Another thing we could do, of course, is just to remove the alliance feature from the game full stop, therefore only allowing for the born of best albion online silver store. Before we would so something like this, though, we better be sure that this is what the majority of organized guild players want.