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Business 303 views Jun 23, 2016
Tree of Savior: spending hours and hours running in circles

You make so much money in other areas you decided to go to bee farm and lineup with all the bots killing 6 bees per minute because there's 6 of you bots?

Really silly to Buy TOS Silver. You're simply on the forum lying now. I'm sure the GM checked to see how many bees you killed and you probably have like 100k rabbee killed, but you farm "other" areas?

You're a player who uses a bot and not a bot that simply roams around and is abandoned. Anybody who grinded at bees or quested in that zone sees you people in that area.

A normal person doesn't pretend to be a bot to make a "troll" video. You're a cheater that made a video to defend yourself. You didn't respond to the GM because you're a botter and now want to muddy the water and make an issue of the GM banning bots in that area.

The whole purpose of this thread to get the GM to not ban bots in that area because that's the only place your little bot works at you lying cheater.

I will say though, for all the people in this thread who haven't checked Dina Bee Farm since the GM's 'sweep': 90% of the bots are still some Tree Of Savior Silver there. In fact, most of the obvious ones are still there, including all of the sorc bots AND all of the sorc macro users(there's a difference).

This GM, for all their good intentions, doesn't yet have the game knowledge necessary to properly detect bots and discern them from real players. You can see their 'detection method' in the OP's video and it's clearly haphazard.

They also made the TOS Gold mistake of making a public appearance and even ANNOUNCING where they would check for bots during a sweep. Every semi-AFK macro user across every server would've known by the time the GM got there to stop macroing and attend their screens, making bot hunting extraordinarily difficult.

While I cannot in good conscience defend the OP's decision to not respond to the GM's prompt for a reply, someone does need to teach GM DURIAN how to actually check for bots. That bot hunting effort displayed tonight was truly embarrassing.