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Business 289 views Jun 21, 2016
Albion: the basis of multiaccounting on multiple devices

What you are describing is the basis of multiaccounting on multiple devices, if they put in place measures to allow only 1 device per household, they would block you and your daughter as well. There is no difference between a multiboxer using 5 pcs, and 5 students living in an house all playing on their machine, either you block all cases or no Albion Online Silver. If they opt for block more than one device per household (well IP I guess), you will be in trouble as a standard non-techy user, multiclient users will still be able to run multiple machines through different ways that techy savvy users knows, yet you are screwed.

Multiaccount even if perhaps not as efficient doesn't exclude the fact that organised guilds can recruit tech savvy people only with multiple machines each, gaining a multiple advantage anyway while playing each on their main machine.

Conclusion: 1. Multiaccount lock would do more harm than good to average users 2. Ignore multiaccount and play your game. Whether you want or not, you cannot stop multiaccounting, there is always a way for people who really push things, whether is Albion or any other mmo. Exploiters are the real danger to the game.

An example of why exploits are the worst can happen in this game?

- Botters no matter how powerful with endless machines in place, can do so much based on the amount of resources introduced by the game server following devs calculations, there will be inflation but still reasonably slow paced (look at it as an enterpreneur that discover 20-30-50% more efficient ways to mine precious metals before the competition in real life)

- Exploits like mass dupes or any technique that introduce huge amount of resources from nothing, that's the real deal, that's where the inflation is going nuts (look at it as one day several meteors made by Albion Online Gold And Silver start to suddenly fall into earth, bring an incredible amount of precious metals in the market and mess up the value as silver and gold will be available in quantities similar to iron or whatever. (this is not 20-30-50%, this would feel more like 1000-5000% in efficiency

% are sort of random to give a sense of scale

Hope you guys can get it

And @Korn please tell the team to concentrate on find and iron out exploits before live, do not mess this up, it's one world, not multiserver, you are hiring an economist, you guys look serious about the economy, is going to be hard for the economist to work his magic if you guys allow any major exploit damage at any point after launch. Unify and Photon are well known products, not engine designed by your team that no one knows, they have their flaws, to the tech lead -> so keep things clean and tight