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Business 367 views Jun 17, 2016
The fans hope big changes in FIFA 17

I find that the fans need to be more involved with the game; for example in a real game fans cheer and clap for good play, good tackles and good saves. The fans sarcastically cheer when the opposition takes it out of play or misplaces a pass. UFIFA17Coins wants to see this in game as this will create more of an Adrenalin enhanced feel because when the opposition are on the attack and loose the ball giving a chance for the counter the fans should be on there feet and cheering as if they have a chance to score. I'm sure there are a few employees working on FIFA that have been to a football match so recreating the fans influence and involvement in the game should be easily done.

I understand that when the ball goes out of play and into the stands it disappears, but why not keep the ball visible, interact the fans with the ball, get them to move out the way or get a group of people to try and catch it, this happens in every football match why is it not used in FIFA?

Similar to having seasonal features for the players why not the fans. The fans look the same all through the year, why not add winter clothing.
Premier league games are usually sold out so each seat is filled but capital one cup games are less so but yet each time you play all the seats are full. To make it more realistic there should be empty seats scattered around.

The refs advantage sometimes is completely off. It shouldn't be so prompt. Handballs for penalty shot are far too instant. I have scored many goals after the whistle has gone for the penalty. If the opposition has the ball In the middle of the field and it's a clear handball from them, but play is back in my favour I still have to go back to get my free kick even though I have Cheap FIFA 17 Coins. This needs to be addressed and I don't see refs holding their arms out giving advantage, this may be in the game but I haven't seen it.

Speaking about refs I feel as if they should be real life refs that are used and have more gems tires and movements and having both the linesmen and referees talk about decisions making the camera angles switch between the two.