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Business 312 views Jun 06, 2016
My brief summary of how to win against Blade & Soul FM

Open with insta stealth smoke bomb.

Harass with Throwing Mine, Throwing Dagger and Swiftstep.

If you land the Throwing Dagger plant a flower across the arena and go TeleDaze>Knockup>Aerial>Bodyslam>Harass. As soon as they do anything to you teleport to the flower.

Generally sit on the other side of the arena and just hang out. If they come at you use 2 or Q to get in stealth and keep harassing/running/poisoning. Wait for time to run out with Blade & Soul Gold. Do not engage them at close range unless you have unbreakable CC like stun>cutthroat>stun>cutthroat or your aerial combo.

Also for Tab>1 combo you need to do it when you have 2 stacks of chill. Your tab will get you a third stack from frost orb which turns chill into freeze and snares you, but removes the inability to use 1 (and 1 breaks the freeze and stealths).

This is really annoying because in the patch we got in Korea assassins got a buff to tab switch and leaf shift where they removed "cannot use movement abilites" effects on use BNS Gold, making it so you can always Tab>1 FMs.

But we didn't get that buff here for whatever reason.

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