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Business 368 views Jun 04, 2016
I bold the important part of BnS

You obviously don't know the definition of spamming and taking this totally out of proportion. Also, did you get banned? If not why are you bitching? The way you describe on how you use chat doesn't look like spam but I COULD be wrong. You could be BNS Gold spamming HELPING NEW PEOPLE 5 lines a second in faction chat like an idiot or LFG> INSIGNIA FARM WHAT CHANNEL!? like 10 times. I mean if you just ask in faction once or twice nothing is going to happen but in your case you seem to have some sort of problem needing to type the same shit 100 times. Clearly some of Rhy's posts I personally disagree with but clearly I have to agree with him on this one.

Also, any automated system isn't 100% perfect. You can look at several examples RIOT has implemented with the player behavior system which you probably don't know shit about anyways.

I bold the important part, how old are you 12 ? at least would give a excuse for this kinda of stupid/small thinking.
So you can only not like one decision if it affects you to Buy BNS Gold. By your thinking you can only voice your opinion/position and fight against something wrong and try change it if the wrong affected you, your family or friends ?

He have all right to come here and say why he thinks NCSoft is wrong, like in any other situation (and we can see NCSoft can ban anyone, even innocent people tomorrow can be you or me, even if they take the ban out they still made a damage to the person).
Not gonna spend more time with you, with just that statment you made right there shows the kinda a narrow-minded person you are.

We don't give a shit what you want to get safe bns gold.We see it as spam.Clearly 99% of the population use faction chat for wtb/wts etc but you don't see 99% of the players banned right? Why? Because noone will block/report you for shouting once every now and then in there.However spam is spam and has nothing to do with what you spam.

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