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Business 379 views May 04, 2016
I hope FIFA 17 will be better

It's pretty safe to say that the FIFA developers are currently working hard on FIFA 17 and this is the time when we should be giving them ideas on how to make it a solid game. I tuned in to /u/ChuBoi7_EA latest podcast and he basically confirmed that this is the ideal time to post suggestions for the next installment. I have a couple of ideas myself so I figured I'd post them here and then try to get the developers attention through twitter. I encourage you to post your ideas and suggestions here as well, regardless what mode you play the most.

Responsive gameplay should be a priority. Players need to react to controller input with minimum delay. This will make gameplay so much more enjoyable and it will also make it easier to deal with online lag.

Improved player animations which reflect how players behave with Cheap FIFA 17 Coins. Unique animations and AI behaviour to top players; Sergio Ramos clearance animation, Zlatan fancy shot animation, Zlatan backheel shot animation
Authentic chants in seasons (also in FUT depending on which emblem or stadium you use); FC Bayern I, FC Bayern II

Crowd chanting player names after they score 3+ goals or if they score very important goals.

Expanded player statistics for your FUT team (short pass accuracy %, long pass accuracy %, clean sheets, tackle success %, interception success %, block success %, cross success %)

Commentators acknowledging your clubs top scorers to Buy FIFA Coins, top assisting players and defenders with high number of interceptions/blocks/tackle success in important matches (1 win/draw from winning the title, holding your division or avoiding relegation).


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